Office culture and values

At Drafting Waikato Ltd. we have an open and friendly office atmosphere. We encourage learning and asking questions, inviting everyone to pass on knowledge and participate in group learning discussions. We have a relatively small team meaning everyone can collaborate together and you will get the opportunity to work through every stage of the building consent process.

We use the latest version of Archicad to produce our plans and have found it to be a satisfactory BIM software. We have regular update training sessions and are encouraged to share what we learn throughout the day with each other.

What we can offer you

We are occasionally looking to hire a junior draftsperson who are willing to learn the ins and outs of the building industry. You will be supported as you learn and become a valued member of the team.

We are currently looking to hire a senior draftsperson who is comfortable to take on responsibility of building projects, is confident to check plans, is able to communicate well in a team environment, and has the skill and knowledge to navigate the NZ building industry. Three to four years’ experience is a minimum requirement. 

Email your CV to